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Community of Leaders

The Asia Leadership Program's Community of Leaders is a virtual community that allows the members to engage, discuss, and share their knowledge and experience among its peers.  Initial members of this virtual community will include the alumni of the face-to-face Annual Programs.  The Community of Leaders aim to:

  • Consolidate the profiles of alumni and partners;
  • Provide a pool of experts and practitioners whom representatives of ADB client countries can consult with; and
  • Provide opportunities to share knowledge and updates through e-Communities.


Membership and Activities

The Community of Leaders welcomes experts, practitioners and thought leaders of sustainable development and climate change to share their expertise and experience as we aim to achieve a common goal. To be eligible as a member, the individual should actively participate and contribute in the activities outlined in the membership guidelines.  

Currently, this virtual community is hosted through ADB's Yammer platform.

Learn more about joining the community through the link below: 


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