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This year's face-to-face event of the Asia Leadership Program will be held in Tokyo, Japan on 27–30 June 2017 with the theme "Climate resilient, sustainable and inclusive urban development."

Discussions and activities in the Asia Leadership Program 2017 will enable participants to incorporate insights and learnings to help lead in policy dialogues and development, maximize financing mechanisms, and apply relevant technologies and innovations in their respective cities.

Pre-event activities will commence on 19 April 2017 with e-courses and webinars that provide participants shared knowledge and understanding on key areas prior to attending the face-to-face event.

Asia Leadership Program 2017 is offered by invitation only to participants at director-level or above, municipal urban development specialists in ADB's client countries, and those involved in the planning and development of urban projects. They bring expertise in the areas of environment, climate change and disaster risk management, energy, transport, water in the context of urban development.