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20 Sep 2016

Webinar #5: 20 September 2016

Leaders need to increase self-awareness by enhancing their emotional intelligence to lead teams more powerfully.



Designing and delivering sustainable development initiatives requires more than in-depth knowledge of technical concepts and practical applications.  For change agents to be effective in integrating innovative solutions into policies and programs, they must be leaders who create a common vision with their teams and the various stakeholders, and inspire them to act and serve.

This webinar aimed for the participants to become more effective leaders by increasing self-awareness and learning and using tools to enhance their emotional intelligence to think bigger and lead their teams more powerfully. 



Marcus Weston began a career in international finance with organizations such as Goldman Sachs and Citibank before launching his consultancy practice in 2001. He founded Love2Work, which provides education and training, showing why new competencies of emotional intelligence, problem solving and critical thinking are crucial for developing the world at work. In addition to teaching worldwide, he has spearheaded a number of socially impacting, community projects, focusing on how to empower children and youth. He is an international speaker and private mentor to a “who’s who” of leaders in business, politics, show business and sport. He is a regular commentator in the national UK media with interviews in The Times, The Daily Mirror, The London Evening Standard, and The Guardian, as well as BBC Radio London and London Live. 


Summary and Technical Notes

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Pre-event Resources

Prior to the session, participants were encouraged to read the materials below to prepare themselves before the event proper.  Click on the titles to view and read the resources.

  1. "Change leader, change thyself," a McKinsey Quarterly article (May 2014);
  2. "The 10 Skills You Need to Thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution," a World Economic Forum article (January 2016); and
  3. Love2Work, the company website created by Marcus for “Changing the Consciousness and Culture of Your Workplace.”


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5th Knowledge Sharing Series: Developing Transformational Leadership for Sustainable Development