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18 May 2016

Webinar #3: 18 May 2016

Communication strategies must effectively persuade key stakeholders to support sustainable development and climate change.



Climate change and unsustainable development are two key hindrances to poverty reduction.  As countless innovations are born to solve these twin problems, some innovative solutions fail to achieve their transformative power because of our failure to communicate.

This webinar hoped to equip participants with useful and effective communication strategies on persuading key stakeholders to support action plans for sustainable development and climate change.

Resource Persons

The two main resource persons are Teresa Erickson and Tim Ward, who discussed the following topics:

  • Drawing Up A Compelling Narrative for Innovation
  • Four C’s for Communicating Innovation

Teresa and Tim are co-owners of Intermedia Communications Training, Inc. and have led hundreds of communication workshops around the world, working with organizations such as WWF, the World Bank, ADB, and the United Nations, among others.

Born in Portugal, Teresa worked with the Voice of America (VOA) for 19 years as a producer and editor, and hosted VOA’s flagship public affairs program broadcast worldwide to 90 million listeners a week. She has voiced award-winning documentaries for broadcast in Brazil and Portugal.

Tim is a former print journalist and a well-known author in his native Canada. He has written eight books, including the best seller, "What the Buddha Never Taught," and "Indestructible You" (with Shai Tubali). Tim is also publisher of Changemaker Books.


Pre-Event Activities and Other Resources

Participants of the 2016 Annual Program in Seoul, Korea were required to watch short videos by the two speakers on the following:

  • Speaking with Authority: PowerPoint with a Purpose
  • Authoritative Delivery: Voice
  • Authoritative Delivery: Powerful Language
  • Authoritative Delivery: Body Language
  • Master Communicators: Vision

The pre-event videos can only be accessed exclusively by the 2016 Annual Program participants by clicking here.


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3rd Knowledge Sharing Series: Comm Strategies for Sustainable Development Initiatives